Mechanical Engineering Staff on Demand

With 25 years of experience in maintaining, building many types of production machines, fabrication jigs, fixtures and press tooling, call or email Sussex Mechanical Engineering Services when you need additional staff for what ever reason. 

Our aim is to provide mechanical engineering support for SMEs in the Sussex, Surrey and Kent area that need to cover peaks in resource requirement or holiday/illness cover.

Anything from half a day or several weeks at reasonable rates. 

Times are hard, how to be flexible and react to demand when it happens, but stay lean enough to survive? 

This is one of the reasons I set up SMES Ltd, to help small companies struggling to grow, to create a network of small and medium size companies that can enhance and compliment each other, through being local and above all flexible.   

Engineering is always seen as high cost overhead in the UK, my plan is to spread some of that cost across several companies in the area and to react to their demand peaks and troughs.